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The Three Concordes Last flight

My Log of thr three Concordes last commercial Flight

On the begging of the day of Concordes last flight I sent a txt about Concorde to BBC BREAKFAST and it got read out
At 3:20pm, the time I worked out Concorde would fly over Kidbrooke, I got my tape recorder and my slr camera and took them out side. I positioned my tape recorder, then I looked through the camera to see if I could spot Concorde
3:30pm. I could now see a Concorde flying in the distance over Shooters hill, so I took some photos. A few minutes later I saw another Concorde fly over Shooters Hill.
Then the 1st Concorde turned round over Canary Wharf and headed towards Kidbrooke. I then ran and turned on the tape recorder and pressed record and ran back up the ladder and onto the roof. As soon as she came into Kidbrooke she lowered down and turned again and she flew directly over my house. (which is in Kidbrooke by the way)
After that the 2nd Concorde was heading towards me from Eltham, which is behind from where I was looking. So I turned round and there she was low down and looking beautiful as ever. So I got my camera and started taking more photos. Then again she flew over my house. By now every one of all ages was out shouting and tooting in there cars ,YEAH CONCORDE.
Then the last Concorde turned round over Canary Wharf and headed towards Kidbrooke, as soon as she came into Kidbrooke she lowered down and turned towards my house, you could see her front lights shining. Unfortunately I had ran out of film, so I just had put up with a sound recording of the last one. As the last Concorde flew over my house her landing gear came out and that was the first time I have ever seen that. It took approx. 5 minutes for Concorde to get from Kidbrooke to Heathrow.
I have at least 80 photos of Concorde of when she was in normal service and of the last 3 Concordes in their farewell service. I also have a sound recording of the 3 Concordes service. Ever since I was little to the last day Concorde flew I have always ran outside to see her fly over my house. I will miss Concorde. I will miss not hearing her of an afternoon.
I love hearing her roar and she is not very noisey and I would rather hear the sound of Concorde than hear the noise of a ugly 747. I will also miss her beauty, I love seeing her twist and glide across the sky.
Log by Richard Jarvis. A huge Concorde Fan/lover.

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