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Galerie multimedia

-[Ma Gf Haylee]-

This page is about my gorgeous girlfriend Haylee. She is the most beautiful gal in the world, am sure u all agree. She is the sweetest, kindest most caring and loving and genuine gal i av eva known, she always makes me smile, she takes ma mind off ma troubles and i completely forget i have any. She is really smart and funny and has a mad cheeky sense of humour jus like me, it like we have known eachother our whole lives even tho we have only known eachother for 4yrs, she is ma world, ma rock and my happy thoughts.

Our first date was the best day of ma life, i didnt want it to end and i will never forget the day for aslong as i live. it was perfect, she is jus the best company and i could stay with her day after day and never get bored of being with her, who needs drugs and alcohol when you gots a gf like ma haylee baby, jus bein round her makes me happy n jolly, lol, she is the best fing to happen to me and i love her with all my heart!!!

<3<3 MWAH <3<3

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